Pharmabit have one goal and that is the change the way the world looks at medicine finances.
Stage 1 ENDED - Early Investors
Stage 2 - Prelaunch (950,000 Pharmabit)
Stage 3 - Market Prep & Token Release

Project Timeline

Stage 1 - LIVE
Investor Launch

05/12/2017 - We offically open our ICO to the first batch of investors each pharmabit will be sold at $0.10.

Stage 2

Our project is open to the general public with an offering of $0.20 per pharmabit.

Stage 3
Market Prep & Token Release

We will release your tokens and our coin will go live on various exchanges (We have been approved for 3 BIG exchanges so far, We are still waiting to hear back from many more).

Pharma cards are here.

What can Pharmabit provide as a service?
Medical Billing
With our easy to use "Payment" App for Apple & Android will quite simply change the way people pay for their Medical expenses.
Using our network to connect direct to your local health center our application can provide a fast and efficient solution to booking your next appointment. No more waiting on hold while you wait to speak to the receptionist.
FAST Medical Advice
Within our network of health professionals we have the ability to provide FAST and reliable medical advice 24 hours 7 days a week, All you will need to do is install the "Health Advice App" and your Pharmabit account will connect automatically for a fast easy set up.

Application Development

Your very own medical applications for ease of use and to save you time and money.
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